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The teeth are designed with staying power in mind, which is why it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to remove them safely. The experienced dental team at Larry Lerner Dental provides simple extractions in our dental clinic in Thornhill. We focus on detailed treatment planning to ensure that your extraction is successful, leaving you with minimal healing time and multiple options for restorations.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When the wisdom teeth erupt in the mouth in the late teens or early twenties, they often cause long-term dental health issues ranging from infections to increased susceptibility to decay. Our experienced dentists are here to keep an eye on their development and offer early intervention for problematic wisdom teeth. We can perform extractions safely and effectively in our Thornhill dental clinic, ensuring you have a comfortable, convenient, and affordable experience.

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In some cases, extracting a tooth is what’s best for your long-term oral health. Many patients are afraid of having their teeth removed, but extractions don’t need to be complex or uncomfortable. Ask our knowledgeable team about what you can expect and how we can help make your experience a positive one.

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