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Although patients don’t often have any reason to consider the health of the insides of the teeth, infections and inflammation inside a tooth can quickly make this area a significant concern. Inside the root canal of your teeth is a substance known as tooth pulp, which is made up of nerves and blood vessels. The tooth pulp can become very aggravated when it is inflamed, often causing patients significant pain. If you experience a severe ongoing toothache, you may need to visit us for a dental examination to determine if you require a root canal.

How Root Canal Procedures Work

Infections and inflammation of the tooth pulp can occur due to injuries and impact to the teeth or as a result of bacteria entering the tooth roots (often through cavities). Although our dentists work hard to prevent this from occurring use treatments such as dental fillings, it is still a fairly common dental issue. Unless the infection or damage is so severe that we feel it is best to extract the tooth, our dentists will most likely recommend root canal therapy. This treatment begins by drilling a small hole to access the tooth roots. The root canal are then cleaned out using tools known as root canal files. After disinfecting the area, the tooth is filled in with a substance called gutta percha and restored with a filling or dental crown.

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Head Off Toothaches

Our dentists are always working hard to help you preserve your natural teeth. If you experience a persistent or severe toothache, be sure to book an appointment with us right away so that we can search for signs of infection. Small, pimple-like protrusions on the gums can be abscesses, which can spread the infection. If this occurs, do not touch the protrusion; call us right away to receive emergency dental care.

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