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There are many characteristics that contribute to the beauty of a smile. Many patients want to improve one or more of those features, from tooth colour to spacing of the teeth. Our cosmetic dentists can help you design a smile that you are proud to showcase in photos, at events, and in your everyday life. Talk to our experienced dental team to begin designing your new smile today.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns (also known as “caps”) are custom-made restorations that are created in a dental laboratory and fitted over your natural teeth by our team of dental professionals. Crowns can be used for a wide variety of common dental issues, including for teeth that are chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, or for cosmetic purposes. They can also be used to replace old, outdated, worn, or unsightly past restorations.

Teeth Whitening

Many patients are unsatisfied with the colour and brilliance of their natural teeth. Luckily, this is a cosmetic issue that can be easily and safely treated with teeth whitening products and services from Larry Lerner Dental. Whitening products rely on bleach to remove surface staining and alter the colour of the teeth, bringing your smile to a high shine in no time at all.

teeth whitening shades
dental veneers

Dental Veneers

Your smile deserves to shine brightly, and our dental professionals are here to help make that happen. Patients who are looking for significant alterations to their smiles often choose veneers for their cosmetic treatments. The thin, tooth-coloured shells are created just for you in a dental laboratory, shaped and coloured to completely update your smile.

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